2019 Biographies

This section contains boigraphies of FOTOfusion presenters that will be present this year.

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Robin Loznak

Robin Loznak award-winning nature and editorial photographer based in rural western Oregon. Spent 20 years as a newspaper photojournalist in Montana and Oregon. Currently, he is a contract photographer with the ZUMA Press Wire Service. Featured worldwide in magazines, websites, and books. Loznak is known for his quirky and intimate wildlife images. Since 2015 he has been closely following a group of young Americans as they fight, a landmark climate change lawsuit against the federal government. When not taking pictures, he raises hazelnuts on his family owned 500-acre ranch in Oregon. 

Scott Mc Kiernan

Scott Mc Kiernan is a media industry leader and photojournalist. His leadership of the ZUMA Press family of companies, as well as decades of wide-ranging experience in photography has proven to be instrumental in establishing one of the world’s largest editorial photo news agencies, ZUMA Wire, which was launched in 1992 as the internet's first database for editorial pictures. A quarter century later, ZUMA Wire Service is the agent to the world's most respected newspapers and magazines with over 33+ million images online. In 2016 Mc Kiernan won the prestigious Jim Gordon Award from the NPPA for Editor of the Year.

Jean Miele

Jean "Gino" Miele photographs explore the borderlands between fiction and reality and reflect his lifelong interest in perception, spirituality, and mysticism. Miele’s images remind us that moments of perfection are possible and that we create our own reality. Gino believes every photograph is an act of transformation, and that the photographs we make tell us more about ourselves than about what was in front of the lens. Miele's photographs have appeared in thousands of publications, and his original prints exhibited and acquired by collectors worldwide. Gino's workshops empower students to realize their own photographic vision. Check out: jeanmiele.com and facebook.com/JeanMielePhotographer.


This event will have more than one instructor.

Rolando Otero

Rolando Otero, a photojournalist for 30+ years. Working at newspapers know for excellence in photojournalism: The Hartford Courant, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune and South Florida Sun Sentinel, first staff photographer and later award-winning top photo editor and finally, Deputy Director of Photography. A skilled visual leader in traditional print media and digital platforms. Producing web-ready video content and fluent in social and digital media. Running a staff of photographers, capturing storytelling images and videos quickly that give their readers "real-time" news coverage and working on long-term projects on social issues, using still, multimedia and video photography.

Rob Passman

Rob Passman is New Jersey based District Sales Manager for Leica Retail and an avid Leica photographer. He brings 18 years of experience working with other photographers, focusing on his own passion for the quality and simplicity of Leica cameras. From candid images of his two children to street photographs created on business trips, Rob always has a camera ready. https://www.instagram.com/robpassman/

Robert Pledge

Robert Pledge was born in London in 1942 and moved to Paris in 1951. A student of West African languages and anthropology and a jazz practitioner, he found his way into journalism and photography as a specialist of African affairs. In 1976 he co-founded the renown boutique agency Contact Press Images.  He has curated major photographic exhibitions throughout the world and sat on prestigious international juries. He has edited highly-acclaimed books including 44 Days: Iran and the Remaking of the World with photographer David Burnett; Don McCullin: The impossible Peace with the British war photographer; Quelque part en France with the late John G. Morris. He is a member of the Board of Trustees of ‘The W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund’ and the President of the Board of Trustees of the ‘Dotation Catherine Leroy’.


Robin Rayne

Robin Rayne is an internationally-published documentary photojournalist and writer based in Georgia, producing in-depth award-winning multi-media reportage of stories that needed to be told. 'Words paint pictures and pictures tell stories, and everyone has a story if you dig deep enough.’  She specializes in stories on social justice, disability issues, transgender rights, and human rights concerns, and serves as a staff documentary producer for the University of Georgia’s Institute on Human Development and Disability. Represented by ZUMA Press, she has appeared in most major news and business magazines globally such as TIME, Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Forbes, Fortune, Der Spiegel, Paris MatchzReportage.com and NBC News.

John Reuter

John Reuter a photographer since the early 1970s, majoring in Art while attending SUNY Geneseo, then receiving two master’s degrees at the University of Iowa. It was there that Reuters began to specialize in Polaroid materials, most notably his SX-70 constructions, combining photography with painting and collage. Reuter joined Polaroid Corporation in 1978 as senior photographer and later Director of the legendary 20x24 Studio. John's own work evolved through large-scale Polacolor Image Transfers to digital imaging in the mid-1990s. Taught workshops in Photoshop, Lightroom, Polaroid materials and encaustic painting around the world. Recently Reuter has moved into video and filmmaking and is currently working on a feature-length documentary titled "Camera Ready: The Polaroid 20x24 Project”.

Ron Sachs

RON SACHS is a second-generation photojournalist based in the Washington area. He and his family have covered every President since Truman through their news picture agency, Consolidated News Photos. Ron covers White House, House and the Senate daily and Washington sports. Regularly in the New York Post and publications globally. Served as the campaign photographer for U.S. President George H.W. Bush.  Been member of  U.S. Senate Standing Committee of Press Photographers, determining the photographic coverage of the House and Senate, Democratic and Republican National Conventions, and Presidential Inaugurations. Ron served as President of the White House News Photographers Association from 2011 through 2015.

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