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Note: Schedule is subject to change due to the busy schedule of our presenters. Changes will be posted at all sites during the week.

* FOTOshoot times indicate time that field trip leaves from The Centre and time that FOTOshoot ends at the location.  Please arrive at the Centre at least 15 minutes before departure time.  All FOTOshoots leave from Palm Beach Photographic Centre’s courtyard at indicated starting time. The FOTOshoot will end at the time indicated and additional time should be allowed to return to the Photographic Centre before your next event.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019
8:30AM-12:00PM 201 Shoot The Garden Environment at Morikami Japanese Gardens with Jill Enfield
Location: Digital Lab 2
9:30AM-11:30AM 202 Studio for the Hardcore with Mickey Strand
Location: Studio
10:30AM-3:00PM 203 Shoot the Flavor of Miami’s Little Havana with Scott Mc Kiernan & Ruaridh Stewart
Location: Courtyard
1:00PM-5:00PM 204 Butterfly Beauties with Stan Sholik
Location: Hibiscus Room
1:00PM-5:00PM 402 People and the Environment at the South Florida Fair with Gary Hershorn
Location: Clematis Room
1:30PM-5:00PM 205 The Nude Figure with Jack Davis and Vincent Versace
Location: Studio
2:30PM-5:00PM 403 Bokeh Panoramas with Matt Stock
Location: Clematis Room
6:00PM-8:00PM S1 FOTOfusion Opening Reception
Location: Museum

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8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

 FOTOshoot 201

Shoot The Garden Environment at Morikami Japanese Gardens with Jill Enfield

Additional Fee: $15.00

Learn to analyze visual content to capture images in a way you want them presented to the viewer with renowned fine arts photographer Jill Enfield. Enfield will clearly convey composition techniques such as leading lines, Rule of thirds, depth of Field and more with 20 different tips, in a comprehensive PowerPoint illustrated with many beautiful photos from accomplished photographers. At the Morikami Japanese Gardens you will practice the many lessons you have learned; discuss your images with Enfield as she guides you to improve your images.

Location: Digital Lab 2

9:30 AM - 11:30 AM

 FOTOshoot 202

Studio for the Hardcore with Mickey Strand

Hardcore, Hard Studio Light for any hardcore subject.  Photograph Leather clad Bikers and their Steel horses in this live studio shoot.  Together we will build a dynamic image making even the weekend rider look like they live for the wind and the road. Use studio lights and simple flags and reflectors to make your next session captivate the viewer.

How to get a new look for your work.  Hug a biker with light and make them really pop off the page.   Everyone shoots during this small studio session and everyone walks away with images of the biker models.  This lighting also works well for extreme sports athlete studio projects.

Location: Studio

10:30 AM - 3:00 PM

 FOTOshoot 203

Shoot the Flavor of Miami’s Little Havana with Scott Mc Kiernan & Ruaridh Stewart

Take some of Cuba home with you! Explore Little Havana’s “Calle Ocho,” with ZUMA photojournalist/photo editors Mc Kiernan and Stewart. Shoot in a neighborhood barbershop and cigar-rolling factory. Capture images of the famous Cuban domino and chess players at their rattling best. Take in the exotic world of the Botanicas: exotic shops full of Afro-Cuban devotional potions and objects.

Location: Courtyard

1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

 FOTOshoot 204

Butterfly Beauties with Stan Sholik

Additional Fee: $30.00

Macro Photographer Stan Sholik will share his expertise with you at South Florida’s Butterfly World, the extraordinary world famous ten-acre site where thousands of live, exotic, rainbow-hued butterflies dwell in acres of waterfalls, orchids, roses, tropical gardens, hummingbirds and lorikeet. Stan will teach you the way a top advertising photographer would make it happen. Prior to the field trip, there will be a short lecture. Come away with some great close-up pictures, and have fun too, by joining Stan as he shares the techniques he used in his best-selling book: Macro & Close-Up Photography Handbook. With Stan's advice on selecting the latest 35mm equipment, and field versus studio considerations like focusing, lighting, film, and filters, consistent results will come easily to both the novice and professional photographer.

Location: Hibiscus Room

 Master Workshop 402

People and the Environment at the South Florida Fair with Gary Hershorn

Additional Fee: $20.00

Take a walk through the South Florida Fair and photograph people in the colorful environment of an amusement park. We will look for ways to capture interesting images by combining people within their environment, creating layers in your composition

The critique will be on Wednesday, 12:00pm to 1:00pm in the Clematis room. 

Location: Clematis Room

1:30 PM - 5:00 PM

 FOTOshoot 205

The Nude Figure with Jack Davis and Vincent Versace

Additional Fee: $225.00

This hands-on FOTOshoot is all about the beauty of the human figure - and seeing light, shadow, form, and composition - with an eye to converting the final image into the fine-art world of black & white. Learn how to see more than the obvious and capture an image that takes the viewer to where the photographer was the moment the shutter was clicked. Shooting in B&W and infrared, you will experience the ethereal glow of portrait and figure photography in nature. Vincent and Jack will bring extra infrared converted cameras to share as they take photographing the nude from frustrating to phenomenal!

Location: Studio

2:30 PM - 5:00 PM

 Master Workshop 403

Bokeh Panoramas with Matt Stock

Critique and Post-Processing Thursday 8:30am to 10:00 am

This distinctive stitched panoramic method allows one to create images that have a classic large format effect using a standard DSLR camera. These panoramas will give you a completely new and quite powerful tool to add to your photographic arsenal. Ideal for environmental portraits as well as fine art and landscape applications the Bokeh panorama method will give photographers a very powerful tool to use in a variety of applications. The workshop will begin with a 45 minute lecture and discussion of the methodology, followed by a chance to put the methods into action, and 1.5 hours of digital studio time to process images captured in the workshop the next day. A basic understanding of Photoshop and Lightroom is required. To get the most out of this workshop, at least one lens of 50mm or greater and f/2.8 or less is highly recommended. 

The digital processing session will be on Thursday, 8:30am to 10:00am in the digital lab.

Location: Clematis Room

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

 Special Event S1

FOTOfusion Opening Reception

Jump start FOTOfusion® 2018 and meet everyone at the opening reception honoring FOTOfusion presenters, sponsors, and participants.
Gold Passport Holders: Free
General Admission $45

The opening reception is held in the Museum.

Location: Museum