Portfolio Review, 3rd Floor Library

Portfolio Reviews

Bring your portfolio for top photographers, picture editors and other pros in the business to evaluate your work. Most all of the photographers do portfolio reviews, so register before your favorites are all booked up.

Portfolio Review Schedule

Portfolio reviews are available Wednesday through Saturday, usually from 11:30pm to 2:30pm. Register 1 day in advance for each portfolio review. If there is availability, you may sign up the same day. Times may vary, so consult the individual daily schedule for exact times.

You may request a portfolio review with a specific artist. To schedule a review with a specific artist, go to the portfolio review area to see the schedule. Please do this before the artist's schedule fills up. Individual artists are scheduled for certain day(s) and time(s) and are only available when they are scheduled.

Portfolio Review Cost

There is no cost to Gold Passport registrants. As a Gold Passport holder you can have an unlimited number of portfolio reviews.

Silver Passport and Single Event registrants may purchase individual portfolio reviews. The cost for portfolio reviews are listed on our >registration page.

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