FOTOfusion 2017 Scholarship

Scholarship Opportunity to Attend FOTOfusion

The Palm Beach Photographic Centre, a registered, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the enrichment of life through the photographic arts, is offering a limited number of scholarships to the events of our annual FOTOfusion which takes place every January in West Palm Beach, Florida. This festival consists of photography seminars, photo shoots, computer labs, master workshops, portfolio reviews, community and social events. FOTOfusion attracts the highest level of presenters from every field of photography to teach and mentor the participants who attend.

To be eligible for this scholarship opportunity, one must complete an application with documentation of the following:

1. Currently enrolled in a college or university photography program and be a declared major in the study of photography.

2. Provide a letter of recommendation from a professor at the institution endorsing his or her participation in FOTOfusion.

3. Provide proof of FULL-TIME enrollment (current schedule for the active semester).

4. Upload 10 of their images to the Palm Beach Photographic Centre for evaluation.

If accepted, the scholarship provides the student with a “Silver Passport” to FOTOfusion.

SILVER Passport Includes:

  • Unlimited Seminars (100 level class)
  • Free Photography lectures (600 level class)
  • 6 Portfolio Reviews by top photographers & Editors
  • Free Admission to Gallery Exhibitions

Keep checking for Deadlines, Application and other information on FOTOfusion at

*Special Offer for Photography Instructors: Organize a group of 5 or more students to attend FOTOfusion, you will receive a Silver Passport.*

For more information, please contact:

Special Registration Instructions

  1. Fill out the FOTOfusion registration as if you were purchasing a Silver Passport.
  2. Select the "I already pre-registered as Member" option.
  3. Enter the number of portfolio reviews you want that are in addition to the 6 free ones included.
  4. Click the "I am registering for a Student Scholarship" checkbox in the Student Scholarship Section and provide the required information.

Important Dates

Dec 30, 2016: Deadline for scholarship submission.